On Areopagus Hill viewing the Acropolis of Athens and Lycabettus hill in the background

Areopagus Hill

A great place to watch sunrises and sunsets over Athens.
Areopagus Hill is one of the most popular places where locals and tourists gather to watch Athens's incredible sunrises, sunsets, and views.

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Where is the Areopagus Hill

With some of the best views of Athens and the Acropolis, Areopagus Hill is one of the most popular places where the locals and tourists gather to watch the sunrises and sunsets.

The exact origin of the Areopagus is unclear. Before the 5th century BC, the Areopagus may have been a council of elders for the city of Athens, and membership was restricted to those who had held high public office. Or, it may have also begun almost exclusively as a murder court and judicial body.

While there is no way to be absolutely certain, it is known that murder trials seem to have been held on the Areopagus hill as early as the 7th century BC.

Areopagus Hill was probably named after the ancient god of war Ares (Mars), hence why it is sometimes called the Mars hill The Ancient Greeks believed the hill was connected to mythological events, including the first murder trial conducted by the gods. As a result, the oldest supreme court Arios Pagos of Ancient Athens was established on the hill.

It was also the centre for worship and religion for many ancient Greeks in Athens. The ruins of altars dedicated to the goddess Athena and the Eumenides, the deities of vengeance have been discovered on and around the hill.

Other major and significant archaeological findings in the area, including the remnants of a settlement, suggest that one of the oldest graveyards of Athens was located there, with tombs dating back to the Mycenaean and Geometric Periods.

The top of the hill can be pretty slippery due to the well-worn rock from many years of footsteps. However, stairs carved into the rock allow you to reach the top of the hill and enjoy the magnificent view of Athens.

Watch the sunrise or sunset over Athens and the Acropolis.

Enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

Climb to the top of Areopagus Hill for a workout or to simply enjoy the views.

Take a stroll through the Areopagus Park, filled with sculptures and greenery.

Areopagus Hill is one of the best places to take photographs in Athens, as you can see some of the most iconic landmarks in Athens.

You’ll have a perfect view of the Parthenon on the Acropolis to the west.

To the south, you’ll be able to see the Temple of Olympian Zeus and beyond that, the cityscape of Athens.

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see a sunset over the Aegean Sea. 

Winter Season – November 1st to March 31st

24 hours a day

Summer Season – April 1st to October 31st

24 hours a day



Unfortunately, there is no access to wheelchairs.

Places on the top can be very slippery due to footfall over the centuries.

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