Santorini: Top Guided Tours for Culture, Wine, Food, and Beaches

Blue Domes of Santorini overlooking the caldera. One of the great things to see on a guided tour

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Welcome to Santorini, Greece’s dazzling gem. Whether you’ve got an eye for architecture or a palate for fine wines, this blog post is your ticket to explore the very best that Santorini has to offer. Want to beat the queues and guarantee your place on some exclusive experiences? You’re in the right place. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you.

Private Car Tours: Get ready to journey through Santorini in style, with guided tours to awe-inspiring sites like Oia and the Profitis Ilias Monastery. Discover architectural wonders, capture photos of picturesque landscapes, and dive into Santorini’s rich culture.

Wine Tours: Are you a wine connoisseur or a curious taster? Explore Santorini’s famous wineries, indulge in wine tasting, and uncover the secrets of local wine production. From Estate Argyros to traditional cellars, it’s a vineyard adventure like no other.

Food and Drink Tours: For the foodies out there, we have an exclusive 5-hour tour lined up to explore Santorini’s culinary delights. Taste authentic Greek coffee, local delicacies, and sweet cakes, all whilst enjoying stunning sea views.

Exclusive Beach Tours: From the unique Black Beach to the vibrant Red Beach, get ready to immerse yourself in Santorini’s exclusive beach tours. Whether you’re after relaxation or adventure, these tours have it all.

Cultural Exploration: Dive into Santorini’s rich heritage, from Akrotiri’s prehistoric city to the captivating Blue Domes of Santorini. It’s a journey through time, culture, and beauty.

With a variety of private tours, guided excursions, and unique experiences, this blog post provides an in-depth look at the top guided tours you can buy in advance to secure your spot. From exclusive wine tours to private car tours of Santorini’s most iconic sites, it’s all here and curated just for you.

Ah, Santorini, that glittering gem in the Aegean Sea. If you’re scratching your head and pondering things to do in Santorini, then do I have a treat for you. Say hello to the Private Half-Day Tour in Santorini – a whirlwind adventure chock-full of delightful surprises. And no, I’m not just talking about the delicious olives.

Ever dreamt of galavanting through the villages of Oia, Firostefani, and Imerovigli and thinking to yourself, “Blimey, those blue domes of Santorini look even better in real life”? Well, pinch yourself because this isn’t a dream! Starting from the north part of Santorini Island, this tour’s got it all.

Oia Castle? Check! Profitis Ilias? Double check. Panoramic views of Caldera and those quirky volcanic islands Palea and Nea Kameni? Oh, you bet. You’ll have ample opportunities to click those Instagram-worthy snaps of white houses and blue-domed churches. And don’t forget the selfies – you’ll want to prove to your friends back home that you were actually there.

Now, you might think that walking around taking photos might make you famished. Fear not. The tour heads towards the traditional settlement of Megalochori. Here you can meander through the alleys like a local, admiring the architecture and perhaps even making a four-legged furry friend or two.

Then, it’s off to the beach. But not just any beach. First up, it’s the Red Beach, packed with red iron volcanic lava rocks – like a day at the seaside on Mars. Then, for those who prefer their beaches a bit more Earth-like, the famous 2.5-mile-long Black Sand Beach awaits. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

All right, fellow travellers, grab your sunhat and buckle up because we’re diving into one of the amazing things to do in Santorini – it’s the Santorini: Car Tour with a Local, a snazzy car tour with a local who knows the island like the back of their hand. Trust me, this isn’t your average “sit back and fall asleep” ride. It’s a 5-hour escapade filled with laughs, sights, and maybe even a bit of Greek dancing.

You begin Fira, where your local guide – not Zeus, unfortunately – will whisk you away in an air-conditioned SUV or mini-van. No sweaty bus journeys here, thank you very much. You and your merry band will get to sort out a final list of stops, but let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you want to see Oia Village? Perfect for souvenir shopping or just for staring in awe at how on earth they build those blue and white houses.

Speaking of photo-worthy spots, Santorini car tours are like a photographer’s paradise. Ancient ruins, sailboats dancing on the waves, old castles, whitewashed homes, and churches. Basically, every angle is a good angle. You might even spot a cat or two posing perfectly in front of those iconic blue-domed churches.

Off to Pyrgos, where you’ll gawk at some of the most stunning churches before reaching the island’s literal high point, the Profitis Ilias Monastery. The view? Imagine seeing the world through a 360-degree panoramic lens, except it’s real life. You’ll want to take photos, but don’t forget to simply breathe it in too.

You can’t explore Santorini without a bit of leg stretching, and Megalochori Village is just the spot for that. Wander through the rich culture and heritage, and learn those little secrets only a local can spill.

Feeling warm? How about a refreshing dip at Perivolos or Perissa Beach? These aren’t just any beaches; they’re the black, sandy kind that’ll have you understanding why this part of Santorini is so unique. Don’t worry; it won’t stain your swimwear.

And if you fancy a bit of ancient mystery, add on an exploration of Akrotiri. It’s a prehistoric city covered by volcanic ash more than 2,000 years ago. Talk about a conversation stopper at parties.

So there you have it, the Santorini: Car Tour with a Local,an adventure that’s more stuffed than a Greek Gyro. Santorini car tours with a local guide offer an intimate, educational, and downright enjoyable way to see the island. Get out there, and don’t forget to send me a postcard.

Ready to take a stroll down memory lane? And by memory lane, I mean a 4,000-year-old lane that may or may not lead to Atlantis. If you’re hunting for unique things to do in Santorini, pack your imaginary time-travelling suitcase because we’re headed to the prehistoric city of Akrotiri on the Santorini: Akrotiri Prehistoric City Private Guided Tour that’s more thrilling than a Greek drama.

Meet your guide right at the entrance, but no need to check for a flux capacitor – a ticket will do just fine for this time-travelling jaunt. You’ll be exploring Santorini’s ancient settlement, where the streets are paved with history (literally), and the 2- and 3-story buildings look like they’ve sprung straight from a history textbook.

Speaking of history, ever wondered what a 4,000-year-old kitchen looks like? Or a toilet from 1600 B.C.? Trust me; it’s a bit different from the ones at home. The Akrotiri private guided walking tour is a riveting escape to a time when volcanic ashes were the hottest home décor.

You’ll wander through the remains of high-building complexes and more, and if you’re like me, you might wonder if the architects from 4,000 years ago could give a tip or two to modern builders. These folks even had drainage systems sorted! Who needs a time machine when you’ve got Santorini car tours to whisk you back in time?

What’s that? The lost city of Atlantis, you say? Oh, yes! As you explore the labyrinthine streets and discover the unique wall paintings that look surprisingly fresh, you’ll hear tantalising theories that connect Akrotiri with that legendary sunken city. It’s like a mythical detective story, but you’re the star.

Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture aficionado, or someone who loves a good story (with a side of myth and mystery), this Akrotiri private tour in Santorini is your golden ticket to the past. Don’t worry, you won’t need to dodge any dinosaurs on this trip back in time.

So grab your sun hat, comfortable shoes, and your most curious questions because the Santorini: Akrotiri Prehistoric City Private Guided Tour is a historical escapade that’s about as ordinary as a three-headed dog guarding a gate (that’s a Greek myth joke, by the way).

In short, exploring Akrotiri is one of the most captivating things to do if you’re in Santorini and want to step off the beaten path (and a few millennia back in time). And the best part? No time-travel-induced jet lag! Now that’s a holiday win. See you in the past.

Hold on to your souvlaki, fellow travellers. Have I got a tantalising tour for you? If you’ve been pondering over things to do in Santorini, wonder no more, as the Santorini: 6-Hour Classic Panorama Private Tour has everything from peculiar beaches to postcard-perfect villages. And, of course, a smidge of the unexpected Greek charm.

Your journey starts with a convenient pickup from your hotel (so convenient that you’ll feel like Greek royalty). Wave goodbye to your bed, and say hello to Oia, one of the most photographed places in Greece. But don’t worry, it’s not all snap and shoot; Oia’s blue-domed churches and shopping areas that can turn even the most reluctant shopper into a retail enthusiast.

Next up, we’re headed to Megalochori. No, it’s not a spell from Harry Potter; it’s a traditional village filled with white-painted houses, narrow alleys, bell towers, and, yes, more of those beautiful blue-domed churches. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’ve walked into a painting, this is the place.

But wait, there’s more. Ever fancied a black beach? Perivolos Black Beach is the go-to place for a swim in crystal clear waters and possibly lunch by the seaside. If you listen closely, you might even hear the water whispering culinary recommendations.

With its enormous volcanic rocks and steep cliffs, Red Beach is next on the agenda. Grab a selfie or two; these rocks don’t mind posing.

Now, let’s talk about lighthouses. The Akrotiri Lighthouse isn’t just any lighthouse; it’s one on the edge of a high cliff above the sea. Stand there and try not to feel like a pirate looking for treasure.

Finally, we reach the climax – the Prophet Elias Monastery on the island’s highest point. Trust me, the view from up there makes you feel like you can see tomorrow’s weather. It’s the perfect place to admire the entire island and possibly question your fear of heights.

And there you have it – a private tour of Santorini that takes you from the depths of black beaches to the heights of panoramic views. You’ll have stories to last a lifetime, or at least until your next Greek adventure.

So pack your sunscreen, curiosity, and an appetite for the extraordinary, because Santorini is calling, and it’s got a Santorini: 6-Hour Classic Panorama Private Tour with your name on it. See you on the beach, the cliff, the monastery… well, everywhere.

Ah, Santorini. Famous for its stunning sunsets, white-washed buildings, and… wine? That’s right, wine lovers, I’ve found your Grecian paradise in a glass. If you’re looking for great things to do in Santorini and want to swap your beach towel for a wine glass, then buckle up – or should I say ‘uncork’ – because the Santorini: Guided Wineries Private Tour with Wine Tastings is just what Dionysus ordered.

First Stop: Venetsanos Winery Here, we don’t just taste wine; we romance it. The first industrial winery on the island, Venetsanos Winery, is perched right above the Port of Athinios, giving you views as delicious as the wine. Sample four of the estate’s wines (it’s not gulping if you’re learning) alongside an assortment of light snacks that might make you consider a career in food-and-wine pairing. And the optional guided tour led by a sommelier? You’ll learn so much about quality and oenology that you might start using “flavour alchemy” in regular conversation.

Next: Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum Now, if you’ve ever fancied sipping wine in a cave (who hasn’t?), the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum is your subterranean dream come true. This one-of-a-kind museum is the culmination of 21 years of hard work by the owning family (and you thought your hobby was time-consuming). Take a delightful audio guide tour and sample another four different wines served with crackers and chocolate. Yep, that’s wine and chocolate in a cave. Santorini keeps winning, doesn’t it?

Finally: Estate Argyros Time to polish off this wine adventure at one of the most imposing wineries in Santorini: Estate Argyros. Specialized wine educators (a.k.a. wine wizards) will guide your taste buds through the vineyard’s finest. Sip on another four of the estate’s current vintage wines, accompanied by fine Greek cheeses and breadsticks. If sipping local wines with cheese isn’t living the dream, I don’t know what is.

So there you have it, the Santorini: Guided Wineries Private Tour with Wine Tastings – a wine-tasting tour that might just turn you into a full-fledged oenophile. From ancient winemaking traditions to cutting-edge production facilities, this private tour will leave you with a new found appreciation for Greece’s vineyard virtuosos.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just someone who enjoys saying, “Mmm, I can really taste the grapes”, – this Santorini wine experience is a corker of a day out. So grab your corkscrew, err, I mean curiosity, and let’s raise a glass to the magnificent wineries of Santorini. Cheers! 🍷

Attention all foodies and flavour enthusiasts! If you’ve ever dreamed of going on a culinary adventure in Greece, the Santorini: 5-Hour Foodie and Drinks Tour with Local Guide will make your taste buds perform a happy dance.

First Stop: Akrotiri’s Traditional Farm Picture this: You’ve just been picked up from your hotel, and you’re about to dive headfirst into the local delicacies of Santorini. First on the menu is a traditional farm in Akrotiri, where you’ll get to savour local wines (yes, more wine – Santorini knows what’s up!), fava paste, and homemade traditional sweets. All this, with a stunning sea view as the backdrop. Don’t forget to snap a photo or twenty by the nearby lighthouse because if you didn’t take a picture, did it even happen?

Next: Prophet Elias Monastery The highest point on the island isn’t just good for Instagram; it’s also home to the magnificent Prophet Elias Monastery. Here, indulge in a spiritual snack break with olive oil, capers, and nuts made by the monks. Take a moment to reflect in the monastery’s orthodox chapel, or just bask in the beauty of it all. Your soul and your stomach will thank you.

Coffee Time in Pyrgos What’s a tour in Greece without Greek coffee? Head to the charming village of Pyrgos, where you can sip on the original Greek coffee or embrace the new trend of iced coffee (perfect for those Greek summer days.). Pair that with sweet homemade cakes, and you might just start believing in love at first bite.

End with a Bang at To Pinakio Restaurant No culinary tour would be complete without a full-blown feast. At To Pinakio restaurant in Kamari, get ready to dive fork-first into authentic Greek food inspired by Cycladic and Cretan cuisine. Enjoy your meal to the live tunes of a local band. This is where you’ll be tempted to join the local dance, but a word of caution: Don’t dance with your mouth full. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

So there you have it, the Santorini: 5-Hour Foodie and Drinks Tour with Local Guide – a 5-hour gastronomic gallop through Santorini’s best flavours, from vineyard treasures to sweet cakes, with a side of stunning views.

Whether you’re a culinary connoisseur or just someone who loves to munch and sip their way through new destinations, this foodie and drinks tour is one of those things to do in Santorini that you’ll be raving about long after your plate’s clean.

Grab your appetite and let’s eat, drink, and be merry in Santorini. After all, as the old saying goes: “When in Greece, eat like the Greeks!” Or something like that… 🍽️ 🍷


And there you have it! From the sun-kissed shores of Red Beach to the tantalising aromas wafting from Santorini’s renowned wineries, we’ve ventured through the cobbled streets of Oia, glimpsed the majestic Blue Domes of Santorini, and tasted culinary delights that are as unique as the island itself.

Whether you’ve decided to explore the island’s rich culture, embark on an exclusive wine-tasting journey, or simply dip your toes in the crystalline waters of Black Beach, Santorini has something extraordinary waiting just for you.

These personally selected guided tours offer an inside look into this stunning Greek paradise. No matter your taste or pace, there’s a tour tailored to whisk you away into Santorini’s enchanting embrace. And remember, booking in advance isn’t just about beating the queues; it’s about guaranteeing your spot in some of the most sought-after experiences in Greece.

So treat yourself to a slice of Santorini, a place where dreams take flight on the wings of adventure. Book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.