Hills and Mountains in Athens

The hills and mountains in Athens are alive with the sound of tourists, and there are many to choose from (hills and mountains of course).

Head up over to Lycabettus Hill and be at the highest point in Athens, and some of the city’s best views. Take a leisurely stroll on foot or ride the funicular. Or, how about Areopagus Hill where locals and tourists gather to watch Athens’s incredible sunrises, sunsets

As a visitor to Athens, you’ll quickly notice that the city is built on hills. Many tourists ask me why this is the case, and I always tell them it’s because of the gods.

When Theseus became king of Athens, he was challenged by the god Poseidon to prove his worth. Theseus went down to the bottom of a hill and chained a bull there. When Poseidon saw that Theseus had conquered his challenge, he granted Athens the ability to build their city on hills.

So start making your way up the hills and mountains in Athens now – the view is waiting.


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